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Email Security console

GravityZone is regularly updating to bring new security features and improvements. These release notes highlight the changes within GravityZone Security for Email console.

Version 2.45.4


  • The following settings are now available for the SecureMail feature:

    • External users are required to use 2FA

    • Send a copy of replies via SMTP

    • Secure messages expires in

    • Admin email for notifications

  • The following templates are available for the SecureMail feature:

    • SMTP Reply template

    • Auto Expire Notification template

    • User reset password finished notification

    • Admin reset password started notification

  • The following placeholders are available for the SecureMail feature:


    • $COUNTRY$

    • $CITY$

    • $DAYS$

Version 2.39.6

Release date: 2022.03.04


  • The effectiveness of the Empty Body Detection value of the Body condition has been improved.

  • Reference headers with values larger than the RFC allowed size of 32792 are now being rejected.

Version 2.39.0

Release date: 2021.12.02


  • You can now synchronize AD domains through On Premise Active Directory.

  • Bitdefender AD Connect software is now available for download through the GravityZone Security for Email cloud console. It is required to facilitate the new On Premise Active Directory synchronization feature.

  • The LinkScan feature now uses the domain and has a new and improved infrastructure.

Version 2.38.5

Release date: 2021.09.02


  • The Recipient Limit Per Hour connection condition is now available.

  • The Sending Limit Redirect connection final action is now available.


Both additions have been included to improve the Sending Limit monitoring capabilities. These will be applied automatically to new accounts if sending limits are exceeded. For more information on sending limitations refer to Bulk email terms and conditions section in the EULA.

Resolved issues

  • Executive Tracking Whitelist custom data is now created automatically in all situations.

  • Reprocessing a quarantined message no longer fails to detect DMARC.

  • Fixed case sensitivity issue when detecting outbound sender.

Version 2.38.0

Release date: 2021.09.30

  • General maintenance

Version 2.37.5

Release date: 2021.08.02

Resolved issues

  • Switching between Global Quarantine and Personal Quarantine no longer displays a loading mask continuously.

  • Final Action and Final Rule columns now have sorting disabled on Email Activity report and Quarantine list. This will be addressed in a future maintenance release.

  • Delivered column can now be sorted on the Email Activity report.

  • Enabled sorting on Sender IP, Subject, Sender Address and Size columns on the Quarantine list.

  • The Headers tab is now hidden if the email message has a rejected status.

  • Bulk Mailbox Import now correctly sets the Mailbox Type.


    Minimum requirements for importing a .csv file have changed.

  • The URL's tab is no longer missing when viewing Message Details.

Version 2.37.0

Release date: 2021.07.23

Resolved issues

  • Back-end updates

Version 2.36.5

Release date: 2021.06.15


  • Added Sending Limit Per Hour condition and Stop Deliver action to rate limit outbound email. These will be applied automatically if sending limits are exceeded.

Version 2.36.0

Release date: 2021.06.03


  • Improved Global Quarantine.

  • Preview Message now strips insecure scripts, clickable links and other malicious content from the message. This will provide a safer preview function to users and administrators.

  • Added Reprocess Messages. This feature will reprocess messages through the rules engine after tweaks or changes to rules, resulting in delivery of messages that may have been previously incorrectly quarantined.

  • Added the Download Attachments option for quarantined message.

  • Messages with medium or high spam scores now have color coded entries.

  • The name of the rule that resulted in quarantine action now visible when displaying quarantined messages.

Version 2.35.6

Release date: 2021.10.05

Resolved issues

  • Improved Spam Safe List & Spam Deny List validation.

  • Improved DKIM verification.

Version 2.35.5

Release date: 2021.05.05


  • Added DKIM activation and verification to the Domains configuration section. DKIM no longer requires manual activation by your service provider and will activate automatically once at least one DKIM public key can be verified for a domain.

  • Renamed Global Safe List to Spam Safe List.

  • Renamed Global Deny List to Spam Deny List.

Version 2.35.2

Release date: 2021.04.19


  • New feature added: SecureMail for GravityZone Security for Email - SecureMail allows users to send an email message that can only be viewed and responded to from within a secure web based dashboard.

  • Notifications now available for licenses about to expire.

Version 2.35.0

Release date: 2021.03.29

Resolved issues

  • Prefix to Subject action no longer applies to an email if the final action is Quarantine.

  • Fixed SPF failure when a CIDR is specified as domain name part.

  • DKIM now inserts incorrect bh= hash.

  • Fixed File Type detection false positives.

Version 2.34.2

Release date: 2021.02.15


  • In Email Activity and Quarantine, added the received/sent date to the Message Detail view.

  • In Email Activity, the Filter Rule and Filter Action column background colors are now tied to Delivery State for clearer indication that a mail has been delayed or rejected.

  • Added a Copy button the Message Detail view to easily copy the message GUID.

  • Added the Own Sender Domain connection rule condition

Resolved issues

  • When trying to schedule a chart, the correct PDF option is now available to select as the output format.

  • Improved error message when trying to delete Custom Rule Data if it is in use by a rule.

Version 2.34.1

Release date: 2021.01.22

Resolved issues

  • The Quarantine subject field now supports Greek and Cyrillic characters rather than displaying question marks.

Version 2.33.0

Release date: 2020.12.17

Resolved issues

  • Custom quarantine names are now limited to 32 characters.

Version 2.31.1

Release date: 2020.01.06

Resolved issues

  • Minor cosmetic fixes

Version 2.31.0

Release date: 2020.11.02


  • Added support for synchronizing shared mailboxes from Azure Active Directory with Exchange Online. Additional permissions must be granted to allow access to the shared mailbox properties.

Resolved issues

  • Azure Active Directory sync - fixed a spurious issue where some Azure Active Directory synchronizations failed due to a "nextLink" error from the Graph API.

Version 2.30.0

Release date: 2020.08.13


  • Added a Scan Office Files condition which allows Custom Rule Data to be used to scan Microsoft Office files for patterns (excluding PDF).

Resolved issues

  • The validation on the Custom Rule Data text entry fields has been relaxed, allowing for larger entries to be saved.

  • It is no longer possible to use reserved words such as spam and virus in a Custom Quarantine name.

Version 2.29.2

Release date: 2020.03.06


  • Added ability for the end-user to receive spam digest emails with the following actions possible:

    • Preview spam message

    • Release message from personal quarantine

    • Add to safe list (safe sender, safe domain or safe IP)

    • Add to deny list (deny sender, deny domain, deny IP)

  • Added a Global Digest Settings screen for configuring when the Spam Digest email will be sent.

  • Added a Digest & Branding section within Product Configuration to enable customization of the Spam Digest email.

Resolved issues

  • Support for UTF-8 characters in the Notify Recipient and Notify Sender actions

Version 2.29.1

Release date: 2020.05.12


  • Added the option to Send Copy To from the Global Quarantine, allowing a quarantined message to be sent to a different recipient for analysis.

  • Added a new Header Exists condition to check for the presence of a message header using exact matching or regular expressions.

  • Added detection of password-protected PDF documents to the default Password Protected Attachment rule.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed a regression that allowed a system rule to be editable.

  • Fixed the description for the AD Group condition.

  • Improved the placeholder text for the Sender IP filter

  • Prefix HTML Action description typo.

  • Re-Route To Action description typo.

Version 2.24.5

Release date: 2020.01.14


  • Enhanced the checks on license validity.

  • Report downloading requires the recipient to verify their email address first. Once confirmed, they can download reports directly from the link received by email.

Resolved issues

  • Users logged in with third party credentials could not save Combined Chart reports.

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.23.0 (initial)

Release date: 2019.10.29 

GravityZone Security for Email includes the following features:

  • Policy Engine is an out of the box system to control email delivery and filter messages through a comprehensive rule builder.

  • Connection Rules monitors connection attempt to and from mailboxes.

  • Email Authentication supports SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

  • User Synchronization manages Active Directory users and groups.

  • Mailbox Synchronization synchronizes Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

  • Antispam technologies detect spam and sophisticated targeted phishing attacks.

  • Antimalware uses security content and behaviour to detect malware.

  • Quarantine uses a company-wide policy.

  • Safe and Deny Lists configures individual and company-wide lists.

  • Executive Tracking List detects users’ real names within the header and envelope address fields to protect against impersonation attacks.

  • Disclaimer adds an HTML text disclaimer to outbound emails.

  • Reports and Charts provide detailed visibility of mail flow, triggered rules, and taken actions.

  • Scheduled Reports link reports to schedules and sends alerts to recipients.