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Terraform Remediation

Terraform is an Open Source Infrastructure-As-Code software tool. You can define infrastructure requirements using a declarative configuration language, such as JSON. This method is designed for advanced users.

Terraform remediation was created for users who are currently using Terraform for their Cloud Infrastructure.

The required Terraform code to change, is highlighted in either green or red.


Terraform remediation requirements:

  • You must have used Terraform to create your Cloud resources.

  • Resources created using the CLI or Console will not be able to use Terraform remediation.

There are two Terraform remediation types:

  1. Addition to Terraform Resource - this involves adding arguments to existing Terraform resources. For this specific case, the template shows the arguments to add (highlighted in green) in your own Terraform template.

  2. Modification to Terraform Resource - this involves modifying or removing arguments from existing Terraform resources. For this, the template shows which arguments to remove or modify (highlighted in red) in your own Terraform template.