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GravityZone User roles for Cloud Security accounts

A user role consists in a specific combination of user rights. Depending on the role assigned to your Cloud Security account, you will also have a specific capabilities in the GravityZone console.

The following table summarizes the relationships between Cloud Security account roles and GravityZone user rights.

GravityZone User rights

Cloud Security access provided

Manage Networks

  • Access the Cloud Security console.

  • Viewing all assets and findings.

  • Updating the severity and status of findings.

  • Exporting checks and compliance reports.

Manage Company

  • Accessing console management pages:

    • Configuration

    • Activity Log

    • Integration

    • Resource Utilization


To access the Cloud Security console, the Manage Networks right is still required.

Equivalent to an administrator role.

View and analyze data

  • Access the Cloud Security console.

  • View (read-only) all assets and findings.

  • Export checks and compliance reports.


User accounts without the above user rights will not be able to see the Cloud Security page in the GravityZone console or access the Cloud Security console.