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The Details page contains general policy details:

  • Policy name

  • User who created the policy

  • Date and time when the policy was created

  • Date and time when the policy was last modified


You can rename the policy by entering the new name in the corresponding field and clicking the Save button.

Policies should have suggestive names so that you or other administrator can quickly identify them.


By default, only the user who created the policy can modify it. To change that, the policy owner must check the option Allow other users to change this policy from the policy’s Details page.

Inheritance Rules

You can set sections to be inherited from other policies. To do this:

  1. Select the module and the section you want the current policy to inherit. All sections are inheritable, except for General > Details.

  2. Specify the policy you want to inherit the section from.

  3. Click the add_inline.png Add button at the right side of the table.

If a source policy is deleted, the inheritance breaks and the settings of the inherited sections are stored on the child policy.

Inherited sections cannot be further inherited by other policies.

Example. Inherited rule mechanics

Policy A inherits the Antimalware > On-Demand section from policy B. Policy C cannot inherit the Antimalware > On-Demand section from policy A.

Technical Support Information

You can customize the technical support and contact information available in the security agent's About window by filling in the corresponding fields.

To configure an email address in the About window so that it opens the default email application on the endpoint, you must add it in the Email field with the "mailto:" prefix. Example: mailto: [email protected].

On Windows, users can access this information in the security agent console by right-clicking the best_tray_icon.png Bitdefender icon in the system tray and selecting About.

On Mac, users can access this information by opening the security agent and selecting About in the main menu.

As a Service Provider offering fully-managed services, customizing this information can help you direct end-user customer inquiries to your sales and support departments.