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To enable the integration and deploy the Bitdefender security agent through Datto RMM, ensure the following conditions:

  • Add the Bitdefender components to your ComStore library. You can add the components to your library by navigating to Web Portal > ComStore > Scripts.

    To add components to the library in the new UI, go to Automation > ComStore, search for them in the list, and click Add.


    The Bitdefender are displayed in the Automation > Components section.

  • Get a Bitdefender GravityZone free trial, as part of the GravityZone Cloud Security for MSPs program. If you already have a Bitdefender GravityZone account, you can automate security agent deployment through Datto RMM.

  • Check the Requirements section in the GravityZone documentation to make sure you can run the Control Center (GravityZone web console) and the security agent.