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Disabling the MDR service

To disable the MDR for MSPs service, follow this process:

  1. In the Companies page, select the company for which you want to disable the MDR service.

  2. Under Services, disable the Managed Detection and Response service, and click Save.

  3. The Bitdefender MDR CST is notified of the MDR service change request.

    In the company details page, the MDR service status is changes from Active to Disabling.

  4. In the company's details page, the MDR service status will changes to Disabling.

  5. The Bitdefender MDR CST team contacts the Partner to confirm the change request.

  6. The offboarding stage commences.

  7. MDR CST team confirms offboarding the partner has been completed.

    When the offboarding stage is complete, in GravityZone Control Center the status of MDR service changes from Disabling to Inactive, and the MDR service usage stops being counted.