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Troubleshooting Bitdefender Firewall blocking network printer

This section provides the steps needed to troubleshoot Firewall module blocking communication with network printers.

To resolve these issues, you need to activate Network Discovery, allow Network Printing and add the details of your wireless network:

  1. Log in to GravityZoneControl Center.

  2. Go to the Policies page from the left side menu and select the the policy applied to the affected endpoint(s).

  3. Go to Firewall > Settings.

  4. In the Adapters section, under the Network Discovery column, set all adapters to Yes.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Go to Firewall > Rules.

  7. Set the Network Printing rule to Allow under the Permission column.

  8. Click Save.

  9. If you are using a wireless network to connect to the printer please add the Internal network as Home/Office.

    1. Go to Firewall > Settings

    2. Under the Networks section, add your wireless network details:

      • Name - a custom name to better identify it in the list.

      • Network/Profile - select Home/Office.

      • Identification - select Network.

      • IP - insert the IP and the mask that better describes your network addressing scheme.


        For example, if your network addresses start from and end at, type in

    3. Click the Add button


Watch a full video tutorial on the topic here: