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The Companies API includes several methods allowing the management of company accounts:

  • createCompany: adds a new company.

  • deleteCompany: deletes a company.

  • updateCompanyDetails: updates company information, such as name.

  • getCompanyDetails: retrieves the details of a company.

  • getCompanyDetailsByUser: retrieves the details of the company linked to the specified user account.

  • findCompaniesByName: retrieves all managed companies containing the specified string in their name.

  • suspendCompany: disables access to Control Center for all user accounts of a company.

  • activateCompany: activates a previously suspended company.

  • createCustomFieldDefinition: adds a new custom field definition.

  • updateCustomFieldDefinition: updates a custom field definition.

  • getCustomFieldsDefinitions: retrieves the custom fields definitions.

  • deleteCustomFieldDefinition: deletes a custom field definition.

API url: CONTROL_CENTER_APIs_ACCESS_URL/v1.0/jsonrpc/companies