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Creating a Customer company as an MSP Partner


If you are a RMM user you can import your companies, along with their inventory, using one of these guides.

To share your license with your clients, you need to create a new Customer company in GravityZone, customize it, and configuring their licensing options.

Customer companies have the following capabilities:

  • Manage and monitor the security on their own network.

  • Manage the user accounts associated to their own company.

  • Keep track of the monthly usage for their own company.

  • Change their partner.

To create a GravityZone company, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into GravityZone with a Partner account.

  2. Go to the Companies page from the left side menu.

  3. Click the Add company button on the upper left side of the page.

    The Add company window is displayed.

  4. Fill in the information in the Company details section:


    For the purpose of this guide, we will provide you with information on how to create an MSP Customer company. For a complete guide on creating companies refer to this kb article.

    • Fill in the Basic company details:

      • Company name - Enter the name of the new company.

      • Company type - Select Customer.

        • Partner, if the company is a security or service provider and uses GravityZone to protect its business clients, or it is local GravityZone distributor.

        • Customer, if the company uses GravityZone to protect just its own network.

      • Country - Select the country in which the company is based.

      • Field of activity - Select the main field of activity in which the company operates in.

    • Fill in the Security management options

      • The company manages endpoint security - Select this option if you want this company and the companies under it to be able to manage endpoint security directly. By default, this option grants the following permissions to the new company:

        • View the computer network

        • Install security agents

        • Create and manage security policies

        • Run tasks

        • Manage quarantine.


        For Customer companies, these permissions cannot be revoked because the Customer must have access to its own network.

        For Partner companies that are MSPs, this option must remain enabled, as they need these permissions to manage security of their clients' networks.

        For Partner companies that are resellers only, this option must remain disabled. In this case, the Partner can still create other company accounts, manage subscriptions and view reports.

      • The company's Partner can assist with the security management - check this box if you want to be able to manage this company's security. If this box is not checked:

        • The company will still appear in the Network page, but its network will be invisible to you.

        • You will be able to manage its subscription further on.

        • You will be able to enforce two-factor authentication even though they cannot manage its user accounts.

        • You will be able to create only specific reports, which do not disclose network information.


        Once disabled, only users from the created company can restore this option from the My Company page.

      • (Optional) Primary account


        This section is optional if The company's Partner can assist with the security management option has been checked.

        • Full name - enter the user's name and surname.

        • Email address - enter the user's email address.

        • Timezone - the timezone the user is working under.

        • Language - user's preferred language for the GravityZone interface.

        You can view and manage the user account afterwards in the Accounts page. For more details, refer to User Accounts.

      • (Optional) Additional company details

        • Registered address - Enter the physical address of the company’s office

        • Phone number - Enter the company's official phone number.

        • Logo in Control Center. You can add the company's logo image. All reports and email notifications issued for this company will include the logo image.

          To add the company’s logo:

          1. Click the Change button.

          2. Browse for the image logo on your computer.

          3. Click Open.

          To reset the logo to the image provided by Bitdefender, click the Default button.

  5. Click the Next button in the lower right side of the screen to proceed to the next screen.

  6. Fill in the information in the Authentication section.

    For more information refer to this kb article.

  7. Click the Next button in the lower right side of the screen to proceed to the next screen.

  8. Fill in the information in the Licensing section.

    The products and services the company has access to is determined by their partner, and no product can be activated separately.

    1. Configure the Subscription Details section:

      • Reserve seats

        Enable this setting if you want to set aside a specific number of seats for the company. This feature is useful in one of the following scenarios:

        • You deliberately want to limit the number of seats that the company can use.

        • The company wants to have a specific number of seats available at any time.

        When this setting is not enabled, Shared license seats will be automatically activated.


        The installation and use of a product on any endpoint type is considered as using up a seat. Seats are used to keep track of product usage. Each product comes with a maximum number of seats.


        This method requires you to use seat reservation yourself.

        Any agent installation that exceeds the allocated number of seats (reserved seats) enters in free trial till the end of the next month. If you do not extend the reservation, when trial ends, the agent expires and the endpoint is no longer protected.

        To reserve seats for the new company:

        1. Select the Reserve seats check box.

        2. Enter the number of seats you want to reserve in the near field. Once the number changed, you can view how many seats are still available to reserve.

      • Shared license seats


        This setting is enabled by default when the Reserved seats setting is disabled. It is not visible in the Licensing screen.

        When installed, the agent uses a seat from a pool of license seats shared with other companies, including your own company. The owner of the seats pool is the first Partner above the new company in the hierarchy of company accounts which uses reservation or, in its absence, Bitdefender.

        No configuration is needed in this case.

        This method ensures flexibility, but increases competition between companies for the same number of seats.

      • Add subscription end date

        Enable this setting to configure an end date for the monthly subscription of the company.

        After reaching the end date, the company is suspended, the security agents expire and the endpoints are no longer protected.

        If this setting is not enabled, the company’s monthly subscription will not have an end date.

      • Set auto-renewal

        Enable this setting to ensure protection after the subscription end date. This option will extend the subscription for a custom number of months.

        A company inherits the subscription end date from its parent, unless it has own end date configured. A child company can surpass the subscription end date of its parent only if the parent company has auto-renewal enabled.

      • Select minimum usage

        Use this option to set a base seat usage for a company that will be applied each month.

        The minimum usage will be the basis for regular billing, regardless of the month-to-month variations, as long as it is not exceeded. If the company deploys more endpoints than indicated, then the minimum usage is ignored and the billing takes into account the actual usage.

        The minimum usage consumes license seats and cannot exceed the number of reserved seats.

    2. Expand the Products for own use section and select the products, add-ons and services you want to assign to the company.

      1. Select the Product type:

        • Endpoint Security - With Endpoint Security, the company can access all features and add-ons available for Cloud Security for MSP. Learn more

        • Bitdefender EDR - monitors the company`s network to early uncover suspicious activity, and provides the tools to fight-off cyber-attacks. It is suited to coexist with an endpoint security solution from a different vendor. Learn more


        Only the Endpoint Security product is further customizable. The following steps are not available for the Bitdefender EDR product.

      2. Select a Protection model:

        • A la carte - Custom tailored protection allowing you to select the features that align with your specific requirements.

        • Secure - Actionable threat intelligence and prevention, and real time threat detection and incident response.

        • Secure plus - Enhances the Secure model, by providing proactive incident response management services.

          To select this bundle for resell, the target Partner must have all the information filled in under the Contact details for MDR section in the My Company page.

        • Secure extra - Build upon the Secure Plus model, enriching detection sources with intelligence across your environment.

          To select this bundle for resell, the target Partner must have all the information filled in under Contact details for MDR section in the My Company page.


        Some add-ons or services might not be available to you. They might be included in, or not compatible with the selected protection model.

      3. Select the add-ons you want to assign to the company.


        For more information on add-ons and the features they provide, refer to these articles:

      4. Select the services you want to assign to the company.

        Please note:

        • To enable the MDR Service for own use, the following requirements apply:

          • The target must be a Customer company.

          • The target company's direct Partner has the Bitdefender MDR service enabled for reselling.

          • Both the target and their direct Partner must have the The company's Partner can assist with the security management setting enabled.

          • At least one of these requirements must be met for the target company's direct Partner:

            • All the information under the direct Partner's Contact details for Bitdefender MDR section is filled in with valid data.

            • The Bitdefender MDR service has already been enabled and the onboarding process started prior to April 2024.


      You can access only the protection models, add-ons, and services that your partner made available.

    3. Expand the Products for reselling section and select the products, add-ons, and services you want to make available for the company to distribute.


      This section is only available to Partner companies.

      Use the same procedure that applies to Products for own use.

    4. Click Save and add company to finish the company creation process.

  9. Click Save and add company to finish the company creation process.


Both customer and partner companies need to contact their distributor or RMM partner to request changes to their available products, services or features.

You can find all necessary steps in creating a new company under Creating companies.