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Spam Safe List

To access Spam Safe List actions go to Products > Spam Safe List.

Spam Safe List contains Email addresses, IP addresses, or domains that will be treated as safe for all Email Security users.


The behavior of the Spam Safe List may be affected by Message Rules and Connection Rules.


Items can be added to the list either directly from this screen, from custom rule actions or from reviewing quarantined items.

  1. Select Mailbox - toggle between global or individual quarantine lists

  2. Search list - search for a specific email address in the list.


    Both full and partial results will be returned.

  3. Preserve search when changing mailbox checkbox - keep your search parameter when selecting specific email addresses.

  4. Delete - delete the selected email addresses from the list.

  5. Add - add a specific email address to the list. You can either add a full specific email address, add a domain, or add an IP address .


    • You can not add IP ranges.

    • You can not add domains that are attached to your GravityZone Security for Email account to your Safe List in domain form. Add the IP address(es) instead.

  6. Remove button - remove the email address on this row from the list.

Add to the Spam Safe List

  1. Click the Add emailsecadd2.png button in the upper-right side of the screen.

  2. Type in the email address in the text box that has appeared on the top of the E-mail address section.


    You can either alternatively add a domain such as, or add an IP address.

  3. Click the emailsecurityupdate.png Update button.


    Domains that are attached to your Email Security account cannot be added to the Safe List in domain form. Instead, add the IP address(es).


You can also add emails to any personal safe list by selecting a specific user's safe list before performing the steps above.

Delete entries in the Spam Safe List

To delete an entry, select it in the Spam Safe List window by checking the box emailsecuritycheckbox.png in the left side of the screen and then clicking the Remove Domain emailsecuritydeletebutton.png button.

Edit entries in the Spam Safe List

To edit an entry, double click on it in the Spam Safe List window, make the modifications and click the emailsecurityupdate.png Update button.

View Personal Safe Lists

Users can have their own Safe Lists. To view a specific user's Safe List select the user's email address from the Select Mailbox dropdown menu.


The same actions available in the Spam Safe List can be taken in any Personal Safe List.