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Managing endpoints in Kaseya inventory

Use the Inventory page to browse for endpoints under your organizations inventory. The Inventory page includes:

  • On the left side, the organization tree pane.

  • On the right side, the agents table.

Below you have an overview of the status icons used and their meaning:

  • kaseya_not_synced.png - Out-of-sync endpoint.

  • kaseya_warning.png - Unhandled events associated with the endpoint.

Searching the organization tree

The right-side pane displays entities alphabetically, by their organization ID. You can view the organization name when you hover the mouse over its ID.

The Search tree field from the right-side pane allows searching for organizations,with the results being highlighted.

You can search for organizations by the following attributes:

  • Entity name and ID (for example: Company_001)

  • Entity type (organization, group)

  • Entity synchronization status (events, sync_exclude, install_exclude, not_synced).

Example: When searching for events, all organizations and groups with events created for will be highlighted.

To filter the results, select the Show only matches check box, under the Search tree field. When enabled, this option will display only the entities that match the search criteria.

Searching the agents table

You can search for agents from the selected inventory node using the search field at the upper side of the inventory table from the left-side pane. Table search applies only to the following columns: Kaseya Agent, IP and OS Info.

You can search the inventory table as follows:

  • Enter the search term that you want, for example, a part of the IP number, or a Kaseya agent name (machine ID).

  • Filter agent results by using the Online Status and OS filter columns.

  • Sort ascending / descending the current view items from the Kaseya Agent and Last Seen columns.

  • Browse the agents inventory using the pagination options at the lower side of the inventory table.

Using Views to filter agents

To create views for advanced agent filtering:

  1. Navigate to Audit > Run Audit.

  2. Click New.

    View Definitions window appears.

  3. Click Save As and enter a name.

  4. Configure filter attributes. For more information, refer to View Definitions in the Kaseya VSA User Guide.

  5. Click Save.

    Your View now appears in the Inventory section.

To filter agents using a view:

  1. In Kaseya VSA navigate to Bitdefender > Operations > Inventory.

  2. Click View to search for your configured filter.


The View filter works only when none of your inventory entities is selected.

To deselect entities, click Clear Selection in the Inventory column.

Using the contextual menu

In the agents table, you can place your mouse pointer in the text area and right-click to access the contextual menu.

To select multiple non-adjacent agents, select the first endpoint check box of your intended selection and add other agents to your selection. To select all agents, click Select All at the top of the table.

Select the option that you want:

  • Synchronize agents settings:

    1. Immediate deployment to install Bitdefender agent across your inventory.

    2. Deployment window to schedule Bitdefender agent installation using the configured deployment window.

  • Competitor removal settings:

    1. Install and remove competitors to delete existing security agents.

    2. Install over competitor to install on top of existing security agents.

  • kaseya_exclude_sync.pngExclude agents from synchronization to exclude the target endpoint from the deployment task.

    The endpoint is excluded from a deployment task and does not generate a deployment event.

  • kaseya_start_scan.pngStart Scan to run a task scan on the target endpoint.

    You can choose from the following scan options:

    • Quick Scan. This option uses in-the-cloud scanning to detect malware running in the system.

    • Full Scan. This option scans the entire system for all types of malware threatening its security, such as viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits and others.

    • Memory Scan. This options checks for any programs running in the endpoint's memory.

    To view scan results, log in to GravityZone Control Center and go to the Network > Tasks page from the left side menu.


    For more information about scan tasks, refer to the GravityZone documentation.

  • kaseya_uninstall.pngUninstall to remove the Bitdefender agent. The Bitdefender uninstall password protection prompts you, if configured in GravityZoneControl Center. If this is required, fill in the password and select Uninstall to confirm.


    This option is available only for synchronized organizations and groups. The Bitdefender agent will be installed back if the agent is included in a deployment task.

To view agent information, click the plus icon (kaseya_endpoint_details_expand.png) and check the applied policy name, agent versions, detection status, engines version, or the last security content update.