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Resource Utilization

The Resource Utilization page offers visibility on how many billable resources you have that contribute to the license entitlement/billing for the current month.

  • Monthly average - Your average of your month-to-date resource count. This number is used for licensing and billing.


    These values might differ from the current or latest count displayed in the console.

  • Latest count - The current resource count, updated based on your latest scan. This is the same number that is displayed in the console.

The resource is broken down by cloud provider and resource type:

  • AWS billable resources

    • Application Load Balancer

    • Classic Load Balancer

    • Network Load Balancer

    • EC2 Instance

    • RDS DB Instance

    • EKS Cluster

  • GCP billable resources

    • Compute NAT Gateway

    • Cloud SQL Instance

    • Compute Instance

    • Compute HTTPS Target Proxy

    • GKE Container Cluster

  • Azure billable resources

    • Compute Virtual Machines

    • Network Load Balancers

    • Postgresql Servers

    • Sql Databases

    • Sql Servers

    • AKS ManagedCluster