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Resource Utilization

The Resource Utilization page offers visibility on how many billable resources you have that contribute to the license entitlement/billing. The calculation period is the current month.

The resource is broken down by cloud provider and resource type:

  • AWS billable resources

    • Application Load Balancer

    • Classic Load Balancer

    • Network Load Balancer

    • EC2 Instance

    • RDS DB Instance

    • EKS Cluster

  • GCP billable resources

    • Compute NAT Gateway

    • Cloud SQL Instance

    • Compute Instance

    • HTTP Load Balancer

    • GKE Cluster

  • Azure billable resources

    • Compute Virtual Machines

    • Network Load Balancers

    • Postgresql Servers

    • Sql Databases

    • Sql Servers

    • AKS ManagedCluster