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Patch Management

Supported Windows versions

Patch Management supports all Windows versions compatible with Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools:

Supported Linux distributions

Patch Management for Linux (Cross Platform SDK) supports only 64-bit distributions as follows:

  • CentOS 7 – GA+ (currently 7.2003).

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    • RHEL 7 – GA+ (7.1-7.9).

    • RHEL 8 – GA+ (currently 8.4).

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise (Server S and Desktop D)

    • SLES 12 – GA+ (Currently SP5)

    • SLES 15 – GA+ (Currently SP5)

    • SLED 15 – GA+ (Currently SP5)

Additional requirements and limitations

  • Red Hat subscription required (Rely on Package Manager).

  • RHEL and SLE/SLED subscriptions required.

  • Relays will only retrieve Windows Applicable Patches.

  • Patch Management tasks currently do not reboot Linux endpoints.


Unlike on Windows, Patch Management for Linux supports only OS pre-packed and related products and applications (not 3rd party). At the same time, it does not support patches without a product association.

Supported macOS versions

Patch Management supports macOS Big Sur (version 11) and later.

Additional requirements

Patch Management requires Full Disk Access permissions on endpoints for Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools components.