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GravityZone database maintenance

GravityZone stores the database in Bitdefender Cloud.

Database maintenance periodically reduces the database volume to increase performance and free up disk space for GravityZone.

Some items are not deleted periodically, such as: licenses, endpoints, protected entities, companies.

In addition, the following items have a custom retention timespan, such as:

Item name

Retention timespan

Quarantined files

Stored up to 182 days


Stored up to 395 days

To configure the notifications retention timespan, refer to Configuring notification settings.

You can configure the quarantined files retention timespan in Policies. Select the policy to which you want to apply the timespan, go to Antimalware > Settings > Quarantine. For more information, refer to Quarantine.

GravityZone removes the following items from the database when their retention timespan expires:

Item name

Retention timespan

Instant reports

2 days

Important messages

30 days


30 days

Other events

Custom, based on the following criteria:

  • 4 years for data included in annual reports

  • 3 months for data included in monthly reports

  • 4 months for data included in reporting intervals set to Last 2 months

  • 5 months for data included in reporting intervals set to Last 3 months

  • 4 weeks for data included in weekly reports

  • 5 days for data included in daily reports


Summary events are never removed.