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The available fields and options in this screen will differ depending on one or more of the following:

  • If you are creating a Partner or a Customer company.

  • Your company's license.

  • The type of license you select in the Options field.


Configure the company’s subscription settings. Choose the option that is in accordance with your business agreement.


Depending on your company's license, you will have access to one or more of these options.

This option assigns an automatically generated trial license key to the new company. The trial is valid for 30 days and it is free. During trial, the company can test the GravityZone.

The trial provides 50 seats and features equivalent with a GravityZone Business Security Premium license along with the following add-ons:

  • GravityZoneFull Disk Encryption

  • GravityZonePatch Management

  • GravityZoneSecurity for Storage

  • GravityZoneEmail Security

This option assigns an automatically generated monthly trial license key to the new company. The trial provides features equivalent with a GravityZone Cloud MSP Security license.

The company can test the Bitdefender protection for the next 45 days, on maximum 25 endpoints (Endpoint Security or BitdefenderEDR), and on maximum 25 mailboxes (GravityZone Security for Email).

This option is for prepaid subscriptions, valid for one or more years.

  1. Enter the license key for the client's chosen subscription.

  2. Click the Check validity button and wait until GravityZone checks the license key.

    If valid, Control Center displays the expiry date and the seat capacity of the license.

This option assigns a subscription to the new company, which is billed monthly, based on the usage of add-ons and services. At 00:00 GMT of each first day of a month, all usages are reset to zero. For details on how service usage is calculated, refer to Calculate the endpoint usage with the Monthly License Usage report.


This option is available only if you have a monthly license key from Bitdefender, or if you inherit a monthly license from your Bitdefender partner.

Configure the monthly subscription settings, if needed. You can find them described herein:

  • Reserved seats

    With this setting turned on, the company has a limited number of seats at disposal.


    This method requires you to use seat reservation yourself.

    Choose this method in case:

    • You deliberately want to limit the number of seats that the company can use.

    • The company wants to have seats available at any time.


    If this setting is turned off, Shared license seats will be automatically activated.

    Any agent installation that exceeds the allocated number of seats enters in free trial till the end of the next month. If you do not extend the reservation, when trial ends, the agent expires and the endpoint is no longer protected.

    To reserve seats for the new company:

    1. Select the Reserve seats check box.

    2. Enter the number of seats you want to reserve in the near field. Once the number changed, you can view how many seats are still available to reserve.

  • Shared license seats


    This setting is enabled by default when the Reserved seats settings is turned off. It is not visible in the Licensing screen.

    When installed, the agent uses a seat from a pool of license seats shared with other companies, including your own company. The owner of the seats pool is the first Partner above the new company in the hierarchy of company accounts which uses reservation or, in its absence, Bitdefender.

    No configuration is needed in this case.

    This method ensures flexibility, but increases competition between companies for the same number of seats.

  • Add subscription end date

    Turning on this setting will allow you to configure an end date for the monthly subscription of the managed company. After reaching the end date, the company is suspended, the security agents expire and the endpoints are no longer protected. If this option is not selected, then the company’s monthly subscription will not have an end date.

  • Set auto-renewal

    Turn on this option to ensure protection after the subscription end date. This option will extend the subscription for a configurable period (in months).

    A company inherits the subscription end date from its parent, unless it has own end date configured. A child company can surpass the subscription end date of its parent only if the parent company has Auto-renewal enabled.

  • Select minimum usage

    With this setting turned on, you can set a number of endpoints that the company intends to use. The minimum usage will be the basis for regular billing, regardless of the month-to-month variations, as long as it is not exceeded. If the company deploys more endpoints than indicated, then the minimum usage is ignored and the billing takes into account the actual usage.

    The minimum usage consumes license seats and cannot exceed the number of reserved seats.

In this area you can choose which add-ons and services to enable for a company's own use, as well as set the resell rights for other Partner companies.

  1. Expand the OWN USE section and select the product type (Endpoint Security or Bitdefender EDR) for the company you are creating.

  2. Select the add-ons and services you want to enable for the company's own use.

  3. If the company is also a partner, from the RESELL section you can set up which products, add-ons and services they can sell further to companies under their management.

  4. After completing the configuration of products, add-ons and services for own-use and resell purposes, click SAVE AND ADD COMPANY to finish the company creation process.