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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools displays a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your system, including activities monitored by Content Control and applications blocked by Application Control. The Events timeline in an important tool in monitoring your Bitdefender protection. For example, you can easily check if an update was successfully performed, or if malware was found on your system. To check the events log, follow these steps:

  1. Open the main window of BEST.

  2. Click the best_filter_icon.png Filters button.

  3. In the Filters menu, select the event category:

    • General

    • Antimalware

    • Firewall

    • Update

    • Content Control

    • Device Control

    • Application Control

    • Sandbox Analyzer

    • Patch Management

    • Integrity Monitoring

    • Volume Encryption

  4. Select the Date Range.

Each event contains with the following information: a short description, the action Bitdefender took on it when it happened, and the date and time when it occurred. To see detailed information about a particular event in the list, click View Log.

You can also filter events by their importance:

  • Info indicates successful operations.

  • Warning indicates non-critical issues.

  • Critical indicates critical issues.

Some of the critical and non-critical issues displayed in the Events timeline are associated with the recommended actions needed to fix them.