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Companies View

The Companies View page provides an overview of the overall risk for all the companies under your management.

Companies with the highest exposure to threats make the top of the list hierarchy, so you can access them easily and take fast actions to harden their security.


Customize the list of managed companies by using these options:

Filtering option


Company Name

This column includes a searchable drop-down menu that allows you to filter the list of companies by name.


This column allows you to filter the list of companies by the level of severity of the risk impacting them. You may select between Low, Medium, and High.

After customizing the list with companies it's easy to access each one, analyze the risks that make them vulnerable to potential threats and take actions:

  • Click a company in the list and it will take you to the dashboard area populated with data specific to the selected company.


    Selecting a company from the list also populates the Security Risks page, where you can investigate the misconfigurations, vulnerable applications, human based risks, and affected devices within the company.

  • You can also export the list of companies under your management in .csv format.

The Companies View page will be empty if no Risk scan task is deployed beforehand for the companies under your management.