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Blocklisting files

In the Blocklist page you can view and manage items by their hash values. View activity records in User activity log.

Blocklist page

In this data table, you can view the following details for each item:

  • File Type:

    • MD5

    • SHA256

  • File Hash value

  • Source Type:

    • incident

    • import

    • manual

  • Source Info

  • File Name

  • Company

Adding hash values to the Blocklist

Blocklist - Add Hashes window
  1. Copy the hash value from File Info.

  2. Choose from MD5 or SHA256 and paste the value in the box below.

    Add a note if required.

  3. Click Save.


The Incidents Sensor will block any .exe file whose hash value has been added to Blocklist from starting a process.

Importing hash records to the Blocklist

Blocklist - Import CSV window
  1. Click the Import CSV button.

  2. Browse for and select your CSV file.

  3. Click Save.

You may also import local CSV files from your device into the Blocklist page, but first you must make sure your CSV is valid.

To create a valid CSV file for import you must populate the first three columns with the following data:

  1. The first column of the CSV must contain the Hash type: either md5 or sha256.

  2. The second column must contain corresponding hexadecimal hash values.

  3. The third column may contain optional string information related to the Source Info column in the Blocklist page.


Information corresponding to the other columns in the Blocklist page will be filled in automatically when importing the CSV file.