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Assigning Security Servers

As a Service Provider, you can offer your clients with little resources the possibility to offload scanning from their endpoints, by sharing your Security Servers with them. These companies must have monthly license. You can share or assign one or more Security Servers to one or more companies at once.

To assign Security Servers:

  1. Log in to GravityZone Control Center.

  2. Go to the Network page from the left side menu.

  3. Open the Companies folder in the left-side pane.

  4. In the right-side pane, select the companies you want to share your Security Servers with.

  5. Click the assign_sva.png Assign Security Servers button at the upper side of the table. You can assign a Security Server also by right-clicking a target company and choosing this option from the contextual menu.

    A configuration window shows up, displaying the Security Servers installed in your network and the selected companies.

  6. Select the Security Servers to assign.

    For each company, you can view the already assigned Security Servers. In case Security Servers were previously assigned and you want to continue using them, check that all selected targets have the same Security Servers assigned and then make sure to select those Security Servers too. If the assignment is inhomogeneous, you should reconsider making another target selection. The current assignment will overwrite all previous assignments on the selected targets. For example, you have the Security Servers SS1 and SS2, and companies C1 and C2. Security Server SS1 is assigned to company C1. You assign SS2 to both companies. After this new assignment, C1 will no longer have SS1 assigned.

  7. Click Finish.

    Next, the target companies can start using the Security Servers shared with them, in installation packages and in antimalware policies.

To revoke a Security Server from a company, assign exact the same Security Servers, except the one you want to revoke.


Revoking a Security Server from a company will delete it also from the existing policies of that company.