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MX records and IP addresses - Set 3


Use this set of records and IP addresses if GravityZone is provisioned with

This section contains the lists of MX records and IP addresses used by GravityZone Security for Email.


Your GravityZone Security for Email product license must be provisioned in the USA region in order to use the details contained in this article.

MX RECORDS (Inbound)

You should use the following MX records:

Hostname                      Priority        10        20        30


You should always reference these records by their DNS name rather than IP address.

Smart Hosts (Outbound)

You should use the following smart hosts for outbound e-mail:

Country    Hostname                   Cost
All     10 
All     10


Port 25 and 587 can be used for sending outbound email.

IP Addresses

The following IP addresses and ranges are used by GravityZone Security for Email to deliver email to your server. Mail delivery operates on the standard SMTP port of 25. Please make sure your firewall and/or email server is configured to accept connections from these IP addresses:


Be sure to use the actual IP addresses in your firewall, rather than hostnames.

SPF Record

If you use an SPF record for your domain, it should be updated to include the following:


It is recommended that outbound email only be enabled after the Time to Live (TTL) for the SPF record has passed. The use of -all in your SPF record could mean that the remote domain will reject your email if the TTL has not expired.