Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for MSP service FAQ

This article answers to the most frequently questions related to the MDR for MSP service:

MDR requires Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATS) to be enabled in GravityZone.

  • With MDR Expert Advice you retain full control over end customer environments, with the MDR team acting as a trusted advisor, providing curated recommendations to equip your team to respond to customer incidents.

  • MDR Expert Response is designed to provide a fully managed threat hunting solution from prevention through to response. The Bitdefender MDR team will affect real-time changes in your customer’s environments when security incidents are identified, based on a set of pre-approved actions agreed upon.

  1. The Bitdefender MDR Customer Success Team (CST) is notified of a new MDR service request.

    In the company details page, the MDR service status is set to Onboarding.

  2. A Bitdefender MDR CST Expert is assigned to you or the partner(s) you request the service for.

  3. The assigned Bitdefender MDR CST Expert will send out a welcome email with information about the onboarding process and next steps.

  4. The Bitdefender MDR CST team will schedule a 30 minutes virtual onboarding call to discuss the following topics:

    • Introduction to the MDR Team

    • Onboarding Process

    • Bitdefender customer support for MDR services

    After the onboarding stage is complete, in the company details page the status of MDR service changes from Onboarding to Active and usage starts being counted.

  1. The Bitdefender MDR CST is notified of the MDR service change request.

    In the company details page, the MDR service status is changes from Active to Switching flavor.

  2. The Bitdefender MDR CST team contacts the Partner.

  3. The current MDR service flavor stays active until the CST MDR team confirms the implementation of the MDR service change request.

    Once this process is completed, the partner will see the new MDR service flavor (Advice or Response) as Active in the company's details page.



    If you change your mind about switching flavors, while the service status is Switching flavor, in the company details page you can revert the procedure by selecting the initial option. After applying the changes, the initial service flavor will show as Active.

  4. GravityZonestarts counting the usage for the new service only if new endpoints are licensed during the month.

  1. The Bitdefender MDR CST is notified of the MDR service change request.

    In the company details page, the MDR service status is changes from Active to Disabling.

  2. In the company's details page, the MDR service status will changes to Disabling.

  3. The Bitdefender MDR CST team contacts the Partner to confirm the change request.

  4. The offboarding stage commences.

  5. MDR CST team confirms offboarding the partner has been completed.

    After the offboarding stage is complete, in GravityZoneControl Center the status of MDR service changes from Disabling to Inactive, and the MDR service usage stops being counted.