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Configuring the Kaseya integration

Kaseya VSA needs to access GravityZone services. To authorize access, you need to generate an API key in GravityZone and configure the integration.

Generating the API key

To generate the API key required for integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to GravityZone using your Partner account credentials.

  2. Click the username at the upper-right corner and choose My Account.

  3. Go to the API keys section and click add.pngAdd at the top side of the table.

  4. Enable the APIs that you want.



    The integration works with the least possible number of APIs as follows:

    • Companies API

    • Licensing API

    • Packages API

    • Network API

    • Policies API

    • Quarantine API

    • Event Push Service API

  5. Click Save.

    An API key is generated. To prevent the leaking of sensitive information, do not share or distribute your own generated API keys.

  6. Copy the Access URL from the Control Center API section.

Performing the integration

Using the API key you have generated, you now perform the actual integration of Kaseya VSA with GravityZone:

  1. Log into Kaseya VSA.

  2. In the navigation panel, click Bitdefender and go to General > Configuration.

  3. Enter the API key and API Access URL in the GravityZone Settings section, and click Next.

  4. In the Recommended Policies screen, enable the option Create recommended policies.

    This option allows the Bitdefender Plugin to create security policies automatically in GravityZone, under your root company (for which you entered the API key), according to Bitdefender recommendations.

    The recommended policies are the following:

    • Kaseya - Aggressive

    • Kaseya - Normal

    • Kaseya - Permissive

    • Kaseya - Reporting

    During the process, the new policies replace the existing ones with the same same.

    If you disable this option, the recommended policies will not be created automatically.

  5. Click Save.

    You are redirected to the Help & Support page, where you can get started with the plugin.