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Remediation is the process of taking the necessary steps in your cloud infrastructure, based on Cloud Security's findings, to resolve any non-compliance situation.

You have 4 options for performing the remediation process:

  • Manual - This option is available, by default, for all environments and provides you with the necessary steps you need to take in your cloud platform in order to fix the issue.

  • Terraform - This method uses Terraform, an Open Source Infrastructure-As-Code software tool. You can define infrastructure requirements using a declarative configuration language, such as JSON.


    This method is designed for advanced users.

  • Playbook Code - This option allows you to run a code playbook to remediate an issue. This helps you cut down the time spent on fixing issues, leading to an improved security posture as more issues can get addressed.

  • One-click Remediation - This is an automated process, that allows you to automatically resolve an issue simply by clicking a button in the Check Details panel.


    Additional configurations are required before you can use this method.