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Bitdefender security agent FAQ

Does the Bitdefender security agent connect to Bitdefender Cloud Servers outside of my organization?

Yes, it does. Our Endpoint Security inherits the latest technologies developed by Bitdefender, some of which are using off-premises scanning technologies for enhanced performance and optimal footprint. The utmost benefit brought by our off-premises technologies is that any endpoint across the organization will be constantly hooked to this updated repository hosted by Bitdefender. Moreover, the Bitdefender agent leverages proprietary caching mechanisms which help to minimize the traffic and optimize scanning performance.

What features of the Bitdefender security agent use off-premises scanning and why?

Content Control uses Bitdefender off-premises scanning technologies which proactively analyze against threats and categorize websites, enabling our customers to have the most comprehensive and accurate status about any website. Bitdefender off-premises technologies bring the following benefits:

  • A lighter footprint and minimal system consumption instead of a full-blown security agent

  • Much faster and more accurate processing of database interrogations for each website

  • Real-time validation of any given website through immediate access to Bitdefender Bitdefender Cloud Services.

Antiphishing also uses Bitdefender off-premises scanning technologies. Every hour, phishing sites are created with the purpose of engineering scams whereby users have personal details stolen through fake websites that mimic online properties of real organizations.

Our phishing research labs are able to identify new phishing threats and enhance detection in order to extend the level of protection for endpoints by identifying the newest phishing and fraud attacks in the market.

Antimalware uses off-premises scanning technologies to add another layer of defense for the newest and most harmful threats out there, together with 0-day malware detections monitored by our ATC module.

  • Our Bitdefender Bitdefender Cloud Services are able to analyze the newest threats from the market and immediately provide a response about potentially harmful processes running on your computer.

  • As such, even when your endpoint has not downloaded yet the latest signatures, interrogating Bitdefender Bitdefender Cloud Services will still provide a quick protection for this kind of threats.

Sandbox Analyzer also uses Bitdefender off-premises scanning technologies. When Bitdefender protected systems discover a file, which does not meet the necessary criteria to be detected by our prevention modules, but still shows a suspicious behavior, it is sent to Cloud Sandbox Analyzerfor further analysis.

Security for Exchange uses Bitdefender off-premises scanning technologies for a better spam and malware detection rate. It provides antimalware and antispam filtering which is integrated with the Microsoft Exchange Server. Therefore, Exchange Protection needs to be installed on the endpoint for the feature to function.

How does off-premises scanning work?

The files that are scanned and checked with Bitdefender Cloud Servers are only suspicious files. Bitdefender security agent creates a file fingerprint, an abstract signature that uniquely identifies the file and that signature is checked against Bitdefender Bitdefender Cloud Services repository to see if it is potential malware or not. The signature does not contain data from the actual file. The file itself does not leave the computer or the premises of your company.

How is my company data treated?

For more information about our Privacy Policy, refer to Privacy Policy for Bitdefender Business Solutions.

Does off-premises scanning comply with data protection regulation?

Our company has a great concern regarding the data protection and privacy. Bitdefender treats your personal data in accordance with current applicable legislation. As explained above, Bitdefender security agent off-premises scanning with Bitdefender Bitdefender Cloud Services is not processing company data in any way by this procedure.

For more information about or Privacy Policy, refer to Privacy Policy for Bitdefender Business Solutions.