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Updating the application

New malware is found and identified every day. This is why it is very important to keep Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Mac up to date with the latest security content.

While On-Access is enabled, the malware signatures and product updates are automatically downloaded on your system. If your network administrator disables the On-Access module via policy, you will have to manually request an update for Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools.

The malware signatures update is performed on the fly, meaning that the files to be updated are replaced progressively. This way, the update will not affect the product operation and, at the same time, any vulnerability will be excluded.

Requesting updates

You can manually request an update anytime you want.

Update by user request is recommended before you start a full scan. However, when you start a custom scan, the application automatically updates before performing the task,

An active Internet connection is required in order to check for available updates and download them.

To manually request an update:

  1. Open Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools.

  2. Click the Actions in the menu bar.

  3. Choose Check for Updates.

    Alternately, use the Command-U shortcut.


    The application opens the main window and you can view the progress in the status area. You cannot cancel an update in progress.

The update may take a few minutes. When finished, click the Close button.


Getting updates through a proxy server

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools can update only through proxy servers that do not require authentication. You do not have to configure any program settings.

If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server that requires authentication, you must switch to a direct Internet connection regularly in order to obtain malware signature updates.

Updating to a new version

Occasionally, we launch product updates to improve the product functionalities. These updates may require a system restart to initiate the installation of new files.

By default, if an update requires a computer restart, Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools will keep working with the previous files until you reboot the system. In this case, the update process will not interfere with your work.