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Company accounts

As Bitdefender partner, you are in charge of managing subscriptions of your GravityZone clients, and of creating user accounts for them. Additionally, you can manage their network protection through the GravityZone security services.

Each client's subscription is associated with a company account in GravityZone. First of all, you have to create company accounts for your clients. You can do this from the Companies page.

  1. Actions - Provides a list of actions that can be taken for one or more companies:

  2. Filters - Allows you to customize the list of companies being displayed on the page. You can filter results based on multiple company characteristics, all of which can be found under Column Headers.


    You can undo all filtering changes by clicking the Reset filters button on the right side of the page.

  3. UI controls - Provides a list of options you can use to customize and interact with the information displayed on the page:

    • Reset view - Undo all the changes done to the information displayed on the page. This applies both to filters and column headers.

    • Export view - Export the list of companies and all related information currently displayed on the page as a .CSV file.

    • Show or hide filters - Show or hide the filter section of the page.

    • Open settings - Customize the information displayed for each company. Each selected option will be added to the Column Headers.


      You can enable the Compact view option to display company information in a smaller version, allowing more companies to be displayed per page.

  4. Company selector - Allows you to select one or more companies to take action on.

  5. Column headers - Informs you what information related to the company is displayed on each column. For more information refer to Viewing companies