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Managing the quarantine

The quarantine is an encrypted folder that contains potentially malicious files, such as malware-suspected, malware-infected or other unwanted files. When a virus or other form of malware is in quarantine, it cannot do any harm because it cannot be executed or read.

GravityZone moves files to quarantine according to the policies assigned to endpoints. By default, files that cannot be disinfected are quarantined.

The quarantine is saved locally on each endpoint.

By default, quarantined files are automatically sent to Bitdefender Labs to be analyzed by the Bitdefender malware researchers. If malware presence is confirmed, a signature is released to allow removing the malware. In addition, quarantined files are scanned after each malware signature update. Clean files are automatically moved back to their original location. These features are relative to each security policy on the Policies page and you can choose whether to keep or deactivate them. For more information, refer to Quarantine.


  • Quarantine is not available for mobile devices.

  • Availability and functioning of this feature may differ depending on the license included in your current plan.