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IntelliZone login redirection

Issue description

The IntelliZone portal will sometimes redirect users to the login page of a different product: Bitdefender MDR. This occurs when attempting to log back in to the IntelliZone console from the same browser tab after logging out(manually or being automatically logged out due to inactivity). Entering your credentials into the MDR portal will log you in and properly redirect you to the IntelliZone console.

This issue does not affect all users and is intermittent.


This only happens when trying to log back in from the same browser window.

Entering your credentials again will log you in and quickly redirect you to the IntelliZone console.


This issue poses no security or privacy risk to you.

Issue behavior

This issue is intermittent and may not be freely reproduced. These are the steps explaining the behavior of the issue:

  1. Go to the IntelliZone portal.

  2. Log in using your credentials:

  3. Log out of the portal.


    Being automatically logged out due to inactivity will have the same effect.

    After a while (depending on your browser and how it is configured) the browser tab will become inactive. When you interact with the page again, the page will automatically refresh, which causes the below error to appear when logging in.

  4. Without closing the browser tab, enter your credentials again click Log in.

    The following error will appear:


    You will be redirected to the Bitdefender MDR login page.

  5. Enter your IntelliZone credentials and click Log in:


You will be immediately redirected to the IntelliZone console.


To avoid this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. After logging out close the browser window or tab that you used to initially log in.

  2. Open a new browser window or tab.

  3. Go to the IntelliZone portal and log in.

    You will be logged in normally to the IntelliZone console.