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MSP Product Trials

MSP Product Trials allows partners to enroll client companies in trial programs that allows them to test out several features, add-ons, and services.

You can view a list of companies that are available for trial by going to the Companies page and using the MSP Trial Status filter:


To view what trials are available for a company, click on the name of the company and go to the Product Trials Hub tab.


Read the FAQ for more information on MSP Product Trials.


For a company to enroll others:

  • The company type must be a Partner.

  • The company must have all the add-ons and services included in the product trial available for resell.

For a company to be enrolled:

  • The company type must be a Customer.

  • The company must be directly managed or using the same license as the company that wants to enroll them.


    We recommend only enlisting direct customers in the MDR trial.

  • The company must not have all add-ons and services included in the trial enabled for own use.

  • The company must be using a monthly subscription, and the Endpoint Security product type.

  • The company must use the A la carte protection model.


Additional restrictions may apply. If you meet all the trial requirements but are unable to access the feature, contact your Bitdefender Partner or sales representative.

The MDR Product Trial feature will be released in stages and has limited availability at the moment. Check the release notes for news and updates.