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Changing a managed company's subscription as an MSP Partner

To change a company's license follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to GravityZone Control Center.

  2. Go to the Companies page from the left side menu.

  3. Click on the name of the company you want to edit.


    The Edit Company window is displayed.

  4. Go to the Licensing tab.

  5. Make the desired changes and Save. You need to save any changes made to the Company details or Authentication tabs before moving to another tab or closing the Edit Company window.


    If the selected company has not enabled the The Company's Partner can assist with the security management option, you will not able to modify specific settings and information.

  6. Close the Edit company window by clicking the X button on the upper right side of the screen.


Your company's licensing information is divided into these sections.

License information

This section displays your company's ID and chosen billing method.

  • Edit licensing options - Click this button to open the Licensing window, where you can change the payment plan used by the company.

  • View monthly usage report - Clicking this button will open a Monthly License Usage Report.


    This button is only available to companies with monthly subscriptions.

License usage details

This section provides information relevant to the selected company's subscription and monthly usage.

A table provides information regarding the status of your subscription:



Depending on your license, one or more of these fields may not be visible to you.

  • Product name - the name of the product you are using.

  • Product type - the category in which the product falls, based on protection capabilities:

    • Endpoint Security - full protection.

    • Bitdefender EDR - limited EDR capabilities (report only).

  • Protection model - the name of the protection model you using.

  • Product status - shows if the product is active or expired.

  • License key - the unique ID that grants you access to a Bitdefender product.

  • Total units - indicates the maximum number of units that are available with the license.

  • Minimum commitment - the number of endpoints on which you have committed to deploy the product.

  • Reserved units - the number of units assigned to your company.

  • Available units - the number of units that are still available for your company.

  • Used units - the number of endpoints on which you have deployed Bitdefender products.

  • Subscription end date - the date when your subscription expires.

  • Auto-renewal - indicates if, and when, your subscription is set to automatically renew.


You can use the Refresh Details button check for any changes in the displayed information. Once clicked, the button will be grayed out for 30 minutes.

How usage breakdown is displayed

To quickly check license usage for a company (including client networks for partner companies), view the details in the Usage breakdown column:


The usage information is displayed differently depending on your license type.

It can be shown as a simple a/b representation, where a is the number of used seats and b is the total number of seats, or by using a combination of the following terms:

  • endpoints - Shows the total number of seats, ensured either through reservation or a license key.


    Some licenses offer seats only for specific endpoints. In these cases, the usage is broken down by endpoint type: workstations, servers, physical workstations, physical servers, virtual desktops, and virtual servers.

  • used - Shows the number of seats used from an active license. A license seat is used when the Bitdefender client has been installed on an endpoint.

  • available - Informs you about the number of endpoints you can allocate a seat to so the maximum allocated value is not exceeded.

  • reserved - Shows MSP companies the total number of seats that a partner company has reserved for its clients.

  • mailboxes - Informs you about the number of protected mailboxes, if the company's license also includes the Security for Exchange service.

Editing licensing details

  1. Click Edit licensing options under the License information.

  2. Change the company’s subscription settings. Choose the option that is in accordance with your business agreement.


    Depending on your company's license, you will have access to one or more of these options.

    You can find more information on all available licensing options under Editing companies.