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Connection Rules Conditions

Condition name


Connection IP

Check an IP address (either the sender's or the receiver's) against against a specific system or custom condition. System conditions only include LocalHost.


Specify the direction of the message - inbound or outbound.

Domain Reputation

Find domain reputation and history using threat intelligence. You can only compare it against a 0 reputation result.

Email Size

Compares the size of the message against a specific system value. You can set the match type to Greater Than or Less Than.

Hop Count Detection

Compares the number of hops a message has taken against a specific value. You can set the match type to Greater Than or Less Than.

IP Reputation

Check if the IP address of the email's originating server matches a specified reputation value.

Mailbox Exists

Check if the email's recipient exists on your server.

Own Sender Domain

Check if the sender domain is registered in the Active Directory section.


Check the email recipient against your Active Directory export or you any Custom Rule Data you have created.

Recipient Limit per Hour

Check if the number of recipients a specific mailbox delivers to per hour exceeds a specific value.


Compare the sender of the email against a specific custom value you have created in Custom Rule Data.

Sender in List

Check if the sender is present in any personal or global Safe List or Deny List.

Sender IP Geo-location

Check if the sender's IP address originates from a specific country or countries.

Sending Limit Per Hour

Will trigger if the number of messages send in the last hour exceeds a specific value.