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To protect your network with Bitdefender, you must configure GravityZone as follows:

  1. Access GravityZone Control Center to configure your account and other settings, as well as preparing installation packages to deploy security agents on endpoints. For this purpose, you need a GravityZone Control Center user with administrator privileges over the endpoints under your management.

  2. Install Security Server on one or more hosts, to act as scan servers when using Central Scan in large networks to offload the burden of local scanning on endpoints with limited hardware resources.

  3. Install security agents on endpoints: Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools on Windows ,Linux and macOS systems. GravityZone ensures protection through security agents, according to the policies received from Control Center.

Additional GravityZone features to install include:

The Security Server and additional components and features are available with certain GravityZone products. For details, refer to Features distribution.