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BitdefenderHyperDetect is an additional layer of security specifically designed to detect advanced attacks and suspicious activities in the pre-execution stage.

HyperDetect enhances the security measures by incorporating an additional layer of protection to the current scanning technologies such as On-Access, On-Demand, and Traffic Scan. This added layer is specifically designed to combat the latest forms of cyber-attacks, including advanced persistent threats. HyperDetect significantly improves the effectiveness of the Antimalware and Content Control protection modules by incorporating advanced heuristics that are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

HyperDetect is a powerful tool that can accurately anticipate and identify specific attacks, as well as effectively identify advanced malware before it is executed. This advanced technology enables HyperDetect to swiftly identify threats, surpassing the capabilities of traditional signature-based or behavioural scanning methods.


HyperDetect uses the following components:

  • GravityZone Control Center

  • Security agent (Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools installed on Windows, Linux, & Mac endpoints)

  • Security Server Multi-Platform

Configure and install the feature

To start using this feature, follow the steps below:


This feature functions through the Antimalware module, which is included by default in all installation packages. If you already have the BEST agent installed on your endpoints, no further deployment is required.

View Hyperdetect activity

Depending on how you configured your policy, the module will take one of the following actions when a suspicious file or process is discovered:

  • For files: deny access, disinfect, delete, quarantine, or just report the file.

  • For network traffic: block or just report the suspicious traffic.