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Disabling scanning for a cloud account

To disable a GravityZone Cloud Security Scan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Scan Configuration page.

  2. Expand your scan group by clicking on the name under the Scan Group column.

  3. Click the Edit button Screen_Shot_2023-10-23_at_4_54_54_PM.png on the right side of the cloud account you want to disable scanning for:


    The Account Details panel is displayed.

  4. Click Disable Account:


    The Disable Account window is displayed.

  5. Select one of the options available:

    • Disable Scan Account Only - Scans will no longer run on this account, but existing findings and scan results will remain available in the console.

    • Disable Scan Account and Archive Scan Account Findings - Scans will no longer run on this account, and all records of pant scans will be removed from the console.

  6. Click Disable Account.