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GravityZone MSP monthly licensing FAQ

As a Bitdefender managed service provider (MSP), you are able to offer Bitdefender cloud security services in a flexible manner, best suited to your clients with monthly license.

The Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud Security for MSP solution is designed for clients who use complete protection services from Bitdefender, as well as for clients who use a third-party protection platform, but want to enhance their protection with Bitdefender technologies.

Therefore, GravityZone GravityZone Cloud Security for MSP provides the following protection packages, known as product types in the Bitdefender console:

  • Endpoint Security, the fully-featured security solution, with all modules available for deployment on endpoints.

  • Bitdefender EDR, a lightweight Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution for Windows-based systems that can run alongside any third-party protection platform.

This section answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the GravityZone MSP monthly licensing while using the Endpoint Security product type.

For frequently asked questions about Bitdefender EDR standalone for MSP, refer to this section.

Are there any limitations that apply to the trial version of the GravityZone GravityZone Cloud Security for MSP solution (e.g. number of seats, other products such as EDR or Security for Exchange)?

The following trial options are available with GravityZone: Trial, Monthly License Trial (for Partners only) and Monthly Subscription Trial. All trial options cover 25 endpoints and provide access to all GravityZone features and add-ons for testing purposes. Add-ons include:

  • Full Disk Encryption

  • Patch Management

  • Advanced Threat Security (HyperDetect and Sandbox Analyzer)

  • Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Security for Virtualized Environments

  • Security for Exchange

  • GravityZone Security for Email

  • Integrity Monitoring

  • eXtended Detection and Response

  • Container Protection

  • GravityZone Security for Mobile

What happens when the trial expires?

A trial is valid for 45 days. When the trial expires, the endpoints (Bitdefender security agents) expire too, unless the company is converted to an active monthly subscription. The expired endpoints will continue receiving security content and product updates from Bitdefender. However, the modules will be deactivated and therefore these systems remain vulnerable.

Is there a notification for trial license expiration?

Yes, the customer will receive notifications prior 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before the trial license expiration.

How do the reserved seats work?

When you reserve a number of X seats (X > 0), you ensure that the managed company will be able to have maximum number of X licensed endpoints during the month. If they install X+Y endpoints, the X number of endpoints will be licensed and billed, while the Y number of endpoints will be in trial for 30 days. After the trial is over, the Y number of endpoints will expire, unless you increase the number of reserved seats.

Is it possible to use the Monthly Subscription license type without having to specify the number of seats?

Yes, you can use the Monthly Subscription license without setting a number of reserved seats. At the end of the month, you will be billed for the endpoints licensed during that month.

If an endpoint uninstalls a Bitdefender package (Bitdefender security agent) and installs another one for the same company, does it count as two endpoints in terms of licensing?

No, GravityZone detects that the endpoint was reinstalled and it will not be billed twice.

If I install an endpoint and immediately or after, let’s say, 1 day I uninstall it, will I be billed?

Yes, any endpoint installed that gets a license will be billed even if it was installed only for a short amount of time.

Does the monthly subscription model mean that, for any endpoint that is installed in a calendar month and uninstalled, the license is still occupied and only be completely freed next month?

Yes, the usage is based on the number of endpoints licensed during the month. The slot is considered used even if the endpoint was uninstalled.

When does the license usage reset?

The license usage resets on the first day of each month, at 00:00 UTC on both GravityZone cloud instances from the United States and Europe.

What happens when you suspend a company account?

If you choose to suspend a company account, the endpoints under that company will expire immediately. Only the endpoints with a Bitdefender security agent installed from a kit specifically for the suspended company are expired. The Bitdefender security agent is not uninstalled from the expired endpoints. After the company is reactivated, all expired endpoints will be automatically registered right away.

If the company also has an Email Security account activated, mail flow will continue, however any custom or standard rules will be disabled, meaning that spam and potentially malicious email will be delivered to your mail server. Only specific rules will remain active along with the Deliver rule, to ensure mail flows correctly.

How is the usage calculated for each GravityZone add-on (Security for Exchange, Full Disk Encryption, Advanced Threat Security, EDR)?

Bitdefender managed services providers (MSPs) are able to charge their clients on a monthly basis, depending on the services they have used. For details about how the usage is calculated, refer to Calculate the endpoint usage with the Monthly License Usage report.

How is monthly usage calculated for the current month if I decide to switch partners?

Any endpoint installed that gets a license before the partner change will be billed for the initial partner company. Any endpoint installed that gets a license after the partner change will be billed for the new partner. At the end of the month, the licensing is reset on all endpoints, and all endpoints will be billed for the new company.

How are devices billed when using the GravityZone Security for Mobile product?

Each deployment of Mobile Security on a mobile device is counted towards the total monthly usage. .

Mobile devices where the agent has been uninstalled will still count towards the total monthly usage during the month they were detected as online at least once.

When deploying a security agent multiple times on a device, each successful deployment will count towards the total monthly usage.

In the context of deploying a security agent on a device multiple times, it is advisable to adhere to the principle of relying on the distinct device registry available on the mobile security console.

In the context of such deployments, employment of an MDM entails device registration under a singular ID, thereby precluding any increase in monthly usage count. In the absence of Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration, the device can be identified as a new device in various scenarios (such as when it is registered to a different user or group upon subsequent activation), and will be included in the monthly usage count. To reduce the amount charged for services rendered:

  • Ensure that the Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration employs a consistent unique identifier for each device.

  • Opt for manual activation to prevent frequent uninstallation and reinstallation, particularly when using different activation links from the ones previously used on the same device.

How is GravityZone Security for Mobile monthly usage calculated for the current month if I decide to switch partners?

The usage counted until the date of the move will remain associated to the original partner company. For the new partner, usage will be calculated starting from the day of the move.