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User rights

You can assign the following user rights to GravityZone user accounts:

  • Manage Companies - When expanding their distribution chain, partner users create subordinate partner company accounts. When selling directly to end-users, they create customer company accounts. Partner users can also edit, suspend or delete companies under their account. This privilege is specific to partner accounts.

  • Manage Users - Create, edit or delete user accounts.

  • Manage Company - Users can manage their own GravityZone license key and edit their company profile settings. This privilege is specific to company administrator accounts.

  • Manage Networks - Provides administrative privileges over the network security settings (network inventory, policies, tasks, installation packages, quarantine). This privilege is specific to network administrator accounts.

    Network Administrators from partner companies may have management privileges over the security of customer company networks.

  • View and analyze data - View security-related events and logs, manage reports and the dashboard.

  • Advanced investigation - Enables users to start Remote Shell sessions on managed target endpoints and perform advanced forensics. The user with Advanced investigation must have also the Managed Networks right.


    For more details see Remote Shell session prerequisites.