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Use this command-line switch to trigger the security agent uninstall process.

The following table lists the usage examples for the uninstall switch.




eps.rmm.exe -uninstall


./eps.rmm -uninstall




The SDK RMM Tools performs a pre-uninstall detection task during this operation. The results are returned as exit codes and printed to stdout similar to the detect operation, with a few exceptions.

In case the uninstall is executed on an endpoint that does not run BEST, the 0||| result of the detect operation is modified with the following detection status code: 16010|||.

In case the product is running on the machine, the RMM SDK Tools proceeds with the uninstall and monitors the process until completion. At the end of the uninstall, it prints to stdout the results of the detect operation. The detection status code matches the exit code returned by the installer process after the uninstall is done.

Consider the following pre-uninstall detection scenarios and possible end results when attempting an uninstall on a Windows device:

  • 2|5bfd752a5ff3b80a588b456e||EC2BAC8D-0F7E-6E88-0DBE-EB95FBFE954D-0E759239A6E7

    • The installer successfully uninstalls BEST and returns the following exit code: 0

    • The RMM tool prints to stdout the following results: 0|5bfd752a5ff3b80a588b456e||EC2BAC8D-0F7E-6E88-0DBE-EB95FBFE954D-0E759239A6E7

  • 1|5bfd752a5ff3b80a588b456e|5bfd752b5ff3b8af428b456b|EC2BAC8D-0F7E-6E88-0DBE-EB95FBFE954D-0E759239A6E7

    • The installer fails to uninstall BEST because it is password protected and returns the following exit code: 86

    • The RMM tool prints to stdout the following results: 86|5bfd752a5ff3b80a588b456e||EC2BAC8D-0F7E-6E88-0DBE-EB95FBFE954D-0E759239A6E7

  • 2|||

    • The detection process fails to access product resources and returns the following exit code: 30

    • The RMM tool prints to stdout the following results: 30|||