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Blocking or allowing specific websites with Content Control

This section describes how to block or allow specific websites with Content Control in GravityZone.

To change website access permissions:

  1. Log in to GravityZone web console.

  2. Navigate to the Policies page from the left side menu and select your applied policy.

  3. In Content Control section go to Web.

  4. Enable Web Access Control by selecting the check mark.

  5. Click Settings to open Web Control Settings.

  6. Go to Exclusions to configure website access permissions.

  7. Enter your URL and select Block or Allow in the neighboring field.

  8. Click Save.



    Make sure that the Scan HTTPS option from the Traffic section in Content Control is checked, otherwise https websites will continue being blocked after excluding them from Web Access Control.


    In case Content Control does not block websites, make sure you clear the browser's cache on endpoints. If no traffic is made and the content is served locally, the security agent has nothing to scan.

If you selected Allow the website will be accessible.

If you selected Block the website will not be accessible anymore.