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MSP Product Trials FAQ

Will the trial affect monthly license usage ?

No. The features provided by the trial will not generate any usage in the monthly usage report. This applies both for Customer and Partner companies.

What happens after starting a trial?

The add-ons, and services included in the trial are enabled for the company instantly, however, some features will require you to configure policies or install modules.

If the features included in the trial are dependent on other features that are not enabled for the company, those features will also be included in the trial.

You can find instructions on all available trials under MSP Product Trials.

The Customer company's trial has ended. When can I start the next one?

Once a trial has ended, you will not be able to enroll the Customer company in the same trial for 180 days. Other trials will remain available to them.

Is there anything I should do once the trial has ended?

If you do not intend to enable the feature for the company in the near future, you should:

  • Deactivate all features that you enabled in the company's policies for the product trial.

  • Remove the modules that you added for the product trial from their endpoints.

Can a Customer company that has an ongoing trial change partners?

Yes, only if the features added by the trial are also provided (enabled for resell) by the new Partner company.

Moving under a Partner company that does not meet these requirements is not possible while the trial is ongoing.

Can a Partner company that has Customer companies with ongoing trials change Partners?

Yes, if they meet the regular requirements for changing partners.

What happens if a Customer company changes its partner during a trial?

The trial ends automatically.

What happens if a Partner company changes its partner during a trial?

If the new Partner has all the features provided by the trial available for resell and meets all the trial requirements, all the ongoing trials continue.

If the new Partner does not meet these requirements, all ongoing trials end automatically.

Can I modify a Customer company's monthly subscription during a trial?

You can enable or disable add-ons or services that are not included, or that are not a requirement for the trial. Changes in the license options, product type, or protection model are also not available.

To change one of these settings, manually stop the trial.

Can I modify a Customer company's type while it is enrolled in a trial?

Yes. You can change a company from a Customer company to a Partner company, but any ongoing trials of the Customer company will automatically end.

Can any user enroll a Customer company in a trial?

Only users from the Partner company with the Manage Network and Manage Companies permissions can access this feature.

How long does a trial last?

A trial will end automatically on the last day of the following month from the start of the trial.

Are there any limitations on using the features provided in the trial?

You can simultaneously enroll three Customer companies in the trial, each allowed to use the trialed feature on a maximum of 50 endpoints. For additional information, refer to the EULA fair usage conditions.