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Security for Storage

GravityZone Security for Storage delivers real-time protection for leading file-sharing and network-storage systems. System and threat-detection algorithm upgrades happen automatically - without requiring any efforts from you or creating disruptions for end-users.


The Security for Storage solution has been validated by the Nutanix Ready team on Nutanix Files 4.0.2.

Two or more GravityZone Security Servers Multi-Platform perform the role of ICAP server providing antimalware services to Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices and file-sharing systems compliant with the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP, as defined in RFC 3507).

When a user requests to open, read, write, or close a file from a laptop, workstation, mobile, or other device, the ICAP client (a NAS or file-sharing system) sends a scan request to Security Server and receives a verdict regarding the file. Depending on the result, the ICAP client allows access, denies access or deletes the file.


This module is an add-on available with a separate license key.


Security for Storage uses the following components:

  • GravityZone Control Center

  • Security Server Multi-Platform: for ICAP servers

Install and configure Security for Storage

To start using this feature, follow the steps below:

Testing out the feature