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Fixing the token refresh issue with automatic sync tasks in Kaseya integration

The automatic synchronization tasks for inventory and agents are the basis for all Bitdefender Plugin activity with the Kaseya VSA integration. They keep the VSA and GravityZone inventories in sync, generating events and fixing them, if configured to, whenever inconsistencies occur.

The Bitdefender Plugin relies on OAuth to access the Kaseya VSA API as part of the automatic tasks. The tasks run under a user with API rights whose identity the Plugin uses.

Normally, The Plugin manages the access tokens and refreshes them as needed. However, if any issue breaks the refresh flow (either a network issue, VSA or Plugin error), your manual intervention is required to fix the automatic tasks.

Before taking any actions, make sure the issue is still active and has not already been resolved. To verify, go to the Dashboard page and examine the Bitdefender Plugin Status widget.

If it displays the “All systems up & running” status, there is no active issue.

If you see “Recurrent tasks failed due to token refresh issue”, then the issue is active and you can fix it by following the next procedure.


Depending under which user you want to run the tasks, there are two possible solutions:

  • If you want to keep the same user, log in to Kaseya VSA with that user and simply visit the Inventory page to refresh the token.

  • If you want another user to take control over the automatic tasks, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Kaseya VSA with another user account.

      This account must have master or system role.

    2. Go to the Configuration page of Bitdefender Plugin.

    3. Under My Company details, click the Take Task Ownership button.

    4. Click Save.

      The automatic tasks now run under the new user.


    Only Kaseya VSA users with master or system role can view the Take Task Ownership button.