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Silent uninstallation of password-protected Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools by Bitdefendersupports silent uninstall when the product is protected with a password. Specifically, you do not need to manually run the application and provide the password when prompted. This is helpful in certain cases, such as when you manage Macs via an MDM platform like Jamf.

To uninstall password-protected Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools, open a Terminal window and run this command:

sudo /Library/Bitdefender/AVP/product/bin/UninstallTool --password=<password> 

where the --password parameter is followed by the uninstall password.

In case the password includes special characters, those characters should be escaped in Terminal. For example, the password 3xsx%ABC must be written as 3xsx\%ABC in Terminal, where the special character % is expressed as \%.