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Installing the Bitdefender Plugin

To install the Bitdefender Plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to a computer with access to Kaseya resources.

  2. Download the plugin.

  3. Log in to Kaseya VSA.

  4. Go to System > Server Management > License Manager. If you do not see this option, consult your VSA Master Administrator.

  5. Select the Third Party tab on the right. If this tab is not present, you can enable it under System > Server Management > Configure and check the box labeled Enable Third Party App Installation Globally.


    This step applies only to Kaseya VSA on-premises servers. On SaaS servers, the option is already enabled by Kaseya.

  6. Click kaseya_install.pngInstall.

  7. Locate the plugin you downloaded at step 2.


    The file must have the name Bitdefender.vsaz. Changing the name returns an error when installing it.

  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the package.

  9. You can see a new entry for Bitdefender in the Navigation Panel.


When needed, you can install the same version of the plugin without uninstalling the existing one. This solution is recommended in case of issues with Kaseya Agent Procedures (they have been deleted or they do not appear anymore for some reason).