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Using the Bdsyslog scanning tool

This section explains how to use the Bdsyslog tool to submit suspicious files for malware analysis.

If your computer appears to be infected but Bitdefender does not detect any malware, follow the steps below. Be sure to provide the following information, so that we can fully understand the cause and provide you with a quick solution:


  • Forensic information as well as all suspected files are sent to our Bitdefender Cloud Services. In addition, the forensic information is also added in the local archive file. If you do not have a network connection, all information is added in the local archive file.

  • This information will be used for malware analysis only and will be treated accordingly.

  1. Download the BDSysLog tool on the computer with issues.

  2. Run the BDSysLog_i.exe file.

  3. Click the Create log button to generate the log.

    A progress bar is going to indicate the status. When complete, you are going to receive a prompt informing you that the log was saved in on the Desktop of the computer.

  4. Take a screenshot displaying the malware or the effects of the malware (if applicable).

  5. Update the security agent.

  6. Run a Full scan task and save the scan log.

  7. Create an archive with the logs and the screenshot.

  8. Go to the Help & Support page of Control Center and submit a Support ticket.

  9. Fill in the requested information. Describe the suspicious behavior that led you to believe that your computer is infected.

  10. If the previously created archive is smaller than 10 MB, click the Upload button and attach it. Otherwise, mention that the logs are exceeding the upload size limit. You will receive a link that you can use to upload your files.

  11. Click Submit. A Bitdefender Support Engineer will contact you shortly.