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ConnectWise PSA (formerly ConnectWise Manage)

This section includes topics that explain how to configure ConnectWise PSA (formerly ConnectWise Manage) and Bitdefender GravityZone Control Center, for the automatic ticketing and billing services to work.

This documentation is intended for Managed Services Providers with partner accounts in the Bitdefender GravityZone Control Center.

Bitdefender and ConnectWise PSA

Bitdefender GravityZone is an enterprise security solution that helps organizations to achieve the best protection and performance for their business needs. Control Center, a centralized security management console, allows administrators to remotely install and manage security for any endpoint, in any location and environment. A local application called Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools is installed on each endpoint.

ConnectWise is a business management solution, assisting vendors and partners to bring together products, services and people.

The two solutions work together through API keys generation, available within ConnectWise PSA. MSPs can automatically create tickets and billing procedures for their customer companies, based on security services delivered by Bitdefender.

The ConnectWise PSA integration allows the following actions:

  1. Connect Bitdefender GravityZone Control Center to a ConnectWise PSA account. Configure a new integration within Bitdefender Control Center and provide your ConnectWise account details (URL, company name, public and private keys).

  2. Setup the ticketing service. Once enabled within the Bitdefender integration wizard, tickets are automatically created in ConnectWise for the following types of events:

    • Malware Outbreak. This type of ticket is triggered each time a specific percentage of protected endpoints is infected with the same malware.

    • Blocked URLs. This type of ticket is triggered when a protected endpoint is trying to access a web address blocked through a security policy.

    • Outdated clients. This type of ticket is triggered when the percentage of outdated clients within a managed company has exceeded the defined threshold. The threshold represents a percentage of the total number of endpoints under a managed company.

  3. Setup the billing service. This functionality is reporting to ConnectWise the number of active protected endpoints for each managed company with a monthly subscription. Based on these figures, ConnectWise can determine a price and issue an invoice for each managed company, at the end of the month. For this functionality to work, a pricing model has to be defined in ConnectWise for each managed company.

  4. Import ConnectWise companies to Bitdefender GravityZone. You can easily import your ConnectWise companies to Bitdefender GravityZone:

    • During the initial integration setup (wizard-guided).

    • On demand, after setting up the ConnectWise integration, using the options available in the Companies page.