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Cloud Security

GravityZone Cloud Security allows you to onboard your cloud inventory, identify risky misconfigurations, and report on your adherence to renowned compliance frameworks. It improves your cloud security posture and prevents risks from becoming incidents.

As part of its monitoring feature, GravityZone Cloud Security provides best practices to ensure your cloud environment is always up to date with current cloud security landscape. It also gathers insights and tracks changes in your cloud security posture over time.

It functions as a separate console, accessible through the Cloud Security page in the GravityZone console. After logging in for the first time, you need to onboard your cloud accounts and organize your inventory into Scan Groups. For more information refer to Getting started.

Once the onboarding phase is complete, you can fully take advantage of all of GravityZone Cloud Security features.

GravityZone access

Access to GravityZone Cloud Security is given through the GravityZone platform. Once logged in, you are taken to the GravityZone landing page, from which you can launch the CSPM+ console.

To access the features and services normally provided by the GravityZone console you require a standalone license.

You can gain access to the following features and their corresponding sections in GravityZone, by adding an add-on license:

  • Email Security

  • Mobile Security

  • Incidents

Submitting feedback

You can submit your feedback by contacting General: BDEntSupportTeam.