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Amazon AWS (EC2)

This section aims to explain how to install and use Security for AWS to protect Amazon EC2 instances. You will be guided through the whole setup process, from the service subscription to installing and managing protection on Amazon EC2 instances in the Bitdefender GravityZone cloud console.

For detailed information about installing the Bitdefender security agent, please refer to the Installation section. For specific information about managing protection in GravityZone Control Center, please refer to the Control Center section.

This documentation is intended for system and security administrators as well as infrastructure managers in charge with the management of EC2 instances on the AWS platform, or for anyone interested in detailed information about Security for AWS.


Traditional endpoint solutions are often inefficient in virtualized or cloud-based environments. Anchored directly to physical hardware, legacy security tends to overuse computing resources, causing utilization bottlenecks or degradation of service. These issues hamper business productivity and reduce the cost savings gained with the transition to the cloud.

Powered by an award-winning Cloud Workload Security technology framework, Security for AWS centralizes the core preventative functionalities on dedicated scanning servers hosted by Bitdefender on AWS infrastructure, ensuring a lightweight security footprint on each instance while maximizing performance and protection. The product is a holistic representation of Cloud Security as a Service.

Integrated with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) web service, Security for AWS protects file systems, processes and memory on Windows and Linux instances with a small agent footprint, generating immediate cost savings for Amazon users.

Security for AWS is integrated in the GravityZone Control Center, a unified management console available in the cloud, hosted by Bitdefender, which provides real-time synchronized EC2 instances inventory.