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Bitdefender cloud security products FAQ

This section summarizes the most frequent questions regarding the Bitdefender cloud security products.

I am a managed service provider and I have several technicians in charge with security management for my customers. Do I need to create a company for each one?

You can create and customize multiple users for your company. Each user can be assigned specific rights and access to specific companies.

You can allocate each technician an account custom tailored to the actions they need to perform and the companies they are assigned to. For more information refer to Managing user accounts

I am a managed service provider and I need to manage a new customer. Does this require any action from the customer?

There is no need to create a user for the customer if only your technicians will manage security for the company.

Create the company and assign administrative rights to any of your technicians in order to start managing the network.

I don't want to have my protection managed by another company and don't want anybody outside my company to view (customers, computers, policies, reports).

If a partner created your account, you can choose to let the partner manage your security or to manage protection for the company yourself.

To disable any visibility and management from upstream partners, simply disable the Your Bitdefender partner can assist you with security management option found in the Manage your Company menu. For more information refer to Manage your company

For how long does the Cloud Console save it's history?

Report information is available for 2 years. For more information on our retention policies, refer to Retention policies.

When creating a report, you can select the Last year option for the Reporting Interval setting. For more information refer to Creating reports

How can I identify the endpoints where a specific policy is deployed?

Go to the Network page from the left side menu, click the Show / Hide columns button at the upper right side of the screen, and make sure the Policy column is selected.

You can then select a specific policy from the Policy filter at the top of the table to only display endpoints that have that specific policy assigned. For more information refer to Network inventory


You can combine multiple filters to display only specific endpoints.

Where are the GravityZone Cloud console servers located?

Bitdefender uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a cloud service provider.

The following list shows the geographic location of our cloud servers:

GravityZone Cloud Europe

  • Main region: Germany

  • Backup region: Netherlands

GravityZone Cloud Global

  • Main region: N. Virginia

  • Backup region: South Carolina

GravityZone Cloud Asia-Pacific

  • Main region: Singapore

  • Backup region: Melbourne

How does Cloudflare interact with GravityZone?

Bitdefender uses Cloudflare as an additional layer of protection to GravityZone against DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other intrusions. Using Cloudflare is not expected to generate any disruption to your services. However, you may notice data traffic going through Cloudflare.

To learn more about Cloudflare, refer to this page.

For more information on where your data is stored, refer to this page.