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“Web Installer error!” when installing Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows

In this section, you will learn how to troubleshoot “Web Installer error!” in Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows.

To install the security agent, you have to create an installation package in the Network > Packages page within the Control Center, then download it and run it manually, or through remote deployment on the target endpoint. You can choose from two types of installation files: the full kit installation file or the Windows Downloader. When you choose Windows Downloader, you download a full installation kit from the Bitdefender cloud servers.

When you run the installation file, you may encounter an error, seen in the following screenshot:


The following table presents the most common issues in which you can receive the error and their correspondent solutions. The table contains minimum instructions on how to rename, create, download, and run installation packages, or how to run an installation task. For more information, refer to the Installing Security Agents.



The original name of the installation file has been changed.

Make sure that the installation file name is not changed in any way.

The installation file was truncated after it was downloaded through Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

To download the installation file, use another browser of your choice, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The package created in the Control Center has been deleted, or the company associated with it has been removed. This issue is exclusive to the Bitdefender Cloud solutions.

The installation file is associated with a package and a company in the Control Center. You can download an installation file from an existing package, or from a new one.

The deployer is no longer available, unreachable, it has been decommissioned, or its IP address has been changed. This issue is exclusive to remote deployments of the security agent.

To resolve this communication issue, create an installation package and run a remote installation task

The installation file has been downloaded before an installation package was created. This issue is exclusive to the Bitdefender Cloud solutions.

Create an installation package before you download the installation file.