Collect Bitdefender Security Server Logs

This information helps the Bitdefender Support team to investigate and resolve the issues you encountered with your Security Server.

To collect all the needed information:

  1. Connect to the Security Server via SSH. You may use PuTTy.

  2. Log in with root and provide the password for this user.

  3. Run this command:

    # /opt/BitDefender/bin/bdsysinfo-sve

    A .tar.gz archive file containing the logs is saved to /root.

    The filename has the format: bdsysinfo-xxxxx.tar.gz, where xxxxx is a random string.

    The logs deliver the following:

    • Files:







    • Command output for:

      uname -a


      ps auwx

      cat /proc/meminfo

      cat /proc/cpuinfo

      df -hT

      slabtop --once

      cat /proc/mounts

      dpkg -l

      ls -lR /opt/BitDefender


      sysctl -a


      netstat -anpe

      getent passwd

      getent group

      lsof -n

  4. Using WINSCP, copy the file to your machine.

  5. Send the file to Bitdefender support.